Pricing for Businesses

Fixed fees

We offer fixed fees for all document drafting. Your employment contracts and company handbook are the foundations of your business. We also offer document packages from start-up to expansion to include all your employment, commercial and data/privacy needs.

Capped fees


Wherever possible we will cap the fees on our estimate. This means that your fees may come in less than our estimate, but not more. We know how important it is as a growing business to have certainty and to budget accurately.



If your business needs more regular advice, JLJ Legal offers the following as a retainer:


  • Annual review and update of your contracts and handbook

  • 3 hours per month of substantive advice 

  • Monthly updates in HR and employment law that may affect your business

  • 2 x two-hour training sessions per year on topics of your choice


We can also add on document packages as part of a retainer to suit your needs.


Hourly rate


If you prefer, we can bill using an affordable hourly rate method.



Pricing for Individuals


Fixed fees


We know that losing your job or having problems at work can be extremely stressful. JLJ Legal aims to take some of that stress away by billing you in fixed fees for each stage of your matter. This allows you some peace of mind while we resolve your case.


Hourly rate


If you prefer, we can bill using an affordable hourly rate method.

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