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Employment Contract Services & Legal Advice

As specialists in employment law, our team at JLJ legal are able to offer expert legal advice and can assist in drafting  employee handbooks and employment contracts. We undertake this kind of work for fixed fees.

Book your first 30-minute consultation with our team to discuss your next steps.

What is an employment contract?


An employment contract is an agreement which sets out the relationship between employee and employer and the employment conditions, rights, responsibilities and duties. 

An employment contract should always exist between an employer and an employee – it helps to protect you as a business and also creates certainty. The employer and employee should stick to the terms stated on the contract until the contract ends or until the terms of the contract are changed, which should usually be done by consultation and agreement. 

A contract must contain particular information as a minimum including place of work, hours of work, pay, when continuous employment starts, holiday entitlement, sick pay, pension and notice.

Failing to meet the legal standards required of an employment contract leaves you and your company vulnerable to litigation, financial penalties and more.

What is included in our employment contract services?


Our employment contract services include:

•    Preparing and drafting new employment contracts and employee handbooks.
•    Reviewing and updating your existing employment contracts and employee handbooks.
•    Offering bespoke advice in relation to bonus, commission and restrictive covenants.

As specialists in employment contract drafting, revision and consultancy we are able to make sure that your employee contracts and handbooks are:

•    Legally binding; protecting your business from vulnerability
Tailored support and recommendations based upon the specific requirements of the business
•    All encompassing, covering all legal aspects essential to the running of your organisation

JLJ Legal has vast experience and knowledge in providing employment law advice to employers, startups and small to medium-sized businesses.

For more information on how JLJ Legal can help you, book your initial call today for your first consultation.

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