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Employee Grievance Consulting

As specialists in employment law, our team at JLJ legal understand the procedures that should be closely followed when an employee is dealing with a grievance in the workplace.

It is important that grievance procedures are adhered to, and failing to follow the correct legal processes and manage a complaint properly, can result in financial costs and reputational damage for you and your company.

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Dealing with Grievances

A grievance is a formal complaint raised by an employee. It can be about anything from a complaint about their manager, to a complaint about their appraisal scoring.  It is always encouraged to resolve any complaints informally, which makes for a happier workforce, however, an employee can raise a formal grievance if this is not possible.

What is the grievance procedure?

It is a legal requirement that all employers must set out a written grievance procedure which must be shared with all employees.   

The grievance procedure should include:

  • Who employees should contact about grievances and how to contact them

  • the various stages of the grievance: informal and formal

  • how to appeal and to whom


Best practice is outlined in the Acas Code of Practice and whilst it is not legally binding, if the code hasn’t been followed, an employment tribunal can reduce or increase any damages awarded by up to 25%.

Key to any grievance is a fair and reasonable investigation whilst maintaining confidentiality as far as possible. Once a hearing of the evidence has taken place, you should inform the employee of your decision and the reasons behind it in writing. They may appeal if they are not happy with the decision that has been made. If this is the case, there should be another hearing to re-examine the decision.

Sometimes an employee can raise a grievance as a tactical move in response to a disciplinary against them, or as leverage when negotiating a settlement.

What is included in our grievance consulting service?

The team at JLJ legal can support your business with:

  • Advising on best practice.

  • Managing each stage of the grievance including drafting all letters and guiding you through the process.

  • Tactical advice on how a grievance may impact settlement negotiations or a disciplinary against the employee.

  • Dealing with tricky grievances such as those for sexual harassment or discrimination.

With vast experience and knowledge in providing grievance support to employers, startups and small to medium-sized businesses, we can ensure that the legal risks to your company are minimised.

To find out more about the appropriate steps to take when handling a grievance, book your initial call today.

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