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For Individuals

We understand that dismissal from your job  or challenges in the workplace can be difficult and upsetting. JLJ Legal aims to get the best outcome for you with the least amount of stress.

We will always advise on the best course of action specific to you and your case.

We can help with the following issues, and much more:


    •    Advice on and negotiation of settlement agreements

    •    Discrimination based on: age, sex, race, religion and belief,  sexual orientation, disability,

          marriage or civil partnership,  gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity

    •    If you are facing redundancy or restructure or have recently been made redundant
    •    Advice on your employment contract including restrictive covenants
    •    If your employer has changed or is about to change due to a TUPE  transfer and you are

          unsure of your rights
    •    If you feel stressed, bullied or harassed at work

    •    If you have been dismissed because of your performance or a disciplinary issue, or you

          feel forced into resigning because of your employer’s treatment

Our track record means that we can resolve most cases before they have to go to employment tribunal, but sometimes litigation may be the only answer. If this is necessary, together with your barrister we will assess the merits of your case, so that you can make considered and informed decisions throughout the process.

To find out more about our employment law services for individuals, book your initial call today.

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