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Our Diversity Data 

We are required to collect and publish this information by the SRA. Here is a summary of our team's diversity data:


  • We have two fee earners and one legal secretary, ranging in age from 35-44 years old. All are women and none have changed gender.

  • None of our team have a stated disability.

  • All team members are White British/English/Welsh/Northern Irish/Scottish.

  • Faiths include Jewish, Christian and no religion or belief.

  • Sexual orientations were all heterosexual.

  • As for education: one of our team attended a selective state school, one attended non-selective state schools, and one attended an independent school with no bursary.

  • None of our team had parents who attended university.

  • One of our team had parents in a service occupation, one was a small business owner and one stated "other" as their answer.  

  • Two of our team have children at home.

  • Nobody in our team cares for someone with a long-term disability. 

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